Where it all started...

If it takes a village... then Flying Colors takes all of us!

Over the years this family run farm has been a home to many horses, their owners, and students. It is never a coincidence when a volunteer becomes a fixed member or a visitor becomes a new lesson student. Our welcoming environment has always kept the fun, but safe, atmosphere around our equine friends. 

Kimberly Howie

Owner/Barn Manager, Head Trainer and Instructor

Kimberly Howie has been riding for longer than she will say. Being the only horse backed paper route in Bensalem, she is no stranger to the hard work it takes to have horses in your life. She has managed many different facilities gaining her knowledge over the years. Performing professional grooming for various trainers has given her opportunities to not only learn but to network. She has handled stallions at stud and trained horses that some wouldn't have looked at twice. Her approach to everything horse related comes from so much criteria, you would be amazed at the first thing that comes to mind when you ask her a question. She considers the biomechanics of how a horse and rider move. She has learned and adapted her feeding to the ever changing information on how certain ingredients can benefit or hinder a horse. She takes a natural approach above all but also has a realistic ideal that is practical. Her open-mindedness to all disciplines, breeds, training methods and care keep her on the forefront of her craft. The team of professionals she has to draw from shows how she values others skills and trade and it displays her readiness to always get more information. Horse care requires experience, we can agree on that, but the innate ability Kim has to train, manage and care for any horse shows in every horse at Flying Colors.

Sarah Keeling 

Equine Waste Relocation Specialist/Riding Instructor

Sarah has been involved with horses since she was 15 years old. For her 16th birthday she was given a 10 month old Morgan colt named Jack. with the help of her trainer, Maria Bernard, she trained him from the ground up. Showing the versatility of the Morgan breed, he has learned to drive, ride English and Western, do dressage, trail ride and jump. She has assisted in the training of world-class show horses, delivered foals, worked with race horses from Parx, organized horse shows, helped with charity events and therapeutic riding. She has an education degree from Holy Family University and puts her degree to use introducing children to horses in riding lessons, horsemanship classes and summer camps. ck this text to start editing. Use this space to describe your team members to visitors. Double click the images to choose one that represents what you are highlighting.

Julia Grow

Horse Trainer/Riding Instructor

Julia started riding at age 9. Shortly after advancing through a well established riding program with Natalie Johnson, she found her way through privately owned barns as a stable hand and exercise rider. Her education training horses began when she worked at a thoroughbred breeding farm. Starting and restarting horses made up most of her teen years. She has competed since her start of riding in English, Western, Dressage, Eventing and Jumpers. Having managed her own breeding program, riding program and multiple stables she found her way to Flying Colors. Since establishing herself in Bensalem with Kim, she has horses in training as well as students under her instruction. Julia enjoys every challenge that training horses can bring. From beginner to advanced students she enjoys connecting with them as well as catering her lesson plans to the students goals. You can view more of Julia’s progress with her horses and students at https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeRrKmVv/