Our Horses...

The knowledge and experience can never be too plentiful when it comes to caring for the animals in our life. They steal our hearts and deserve all the comforts we provide. Their nutrition should be reassessed along with their degree of exercise or time off. Carefully cleaned stalls and a hands on approach insures the sound mind of all that rest their hooves here. Our staff communicate changes they see in any and every horse so we can always provide the best care. 

From their feet to their teeth and their tail to their nose, Flying Colors is a place any horse can call home


A gypsy vanner by day, and cross country jumper by night, Zane is a all around favorite.


This is our very own unicorn. She does it all from birthday parties to western pleasure and jumping. 


Gentle as can be with the easiest jog for anyone to build their confidence on. AKA can carry any student from beginner to advanced with his well mannered ways.

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